Warsaw 2014

Photographs and Videos from Warsaw and its surroundings

From Dresden we departed on the 7/20/2014 with beaming sunshine, but on the way to Warsaw and in the town itself we came with flowing out rain what complicated the search for our accommodation to us. With the rain I had also overlooked the no-parking-sign and had taken the only only free place between twenty parking vehicles. After we had covered our accommodation and wanted to go for food, we found out that the police was just towing all vehicles which were parked there. Ours was already away. With some luck I got a taxi which brought me to the responsible police station. Here a lot of people missed their car but in contrast to me they were able to talk in Polish. Here the policemen spoke neither German nor English. Without the help of a pretty young student girl who had recognised my dilemma and offered to me her help and without the young English speaking taxi driver who brought me to my car and supported me with the rest of the procedure I would have had very hard to get my car back. Thus it was on the one hand, in the end only one bad luck at cost of 200€ and on the other side the nice experience of helpfulness in particular from the nice young student girl.

In Warsaw we lived on the second floor of a high rise, which was guarded day and night. The Appartment was very nice, however, the high rise lay in the midst of a construction site. Because we stayed, however, almost only for sleeping there, we were interfered only a little. Otherwise we experienced Warsaw as a modern city which has received also her old core. Just here it pulled us above all in the evening. Though here in the evening were almost as many people as in the centre during the day, but here was quite an other, loose atmosphere. However, our dog missed the grassland near the river Elbe (Dresden) in Warsaw. We lay directly with the Saxon garden, the only park in which one might carry along with dogs. However, Dexter really had fun only on the shore of the Vistula.

Also in Warsaw we would have still remained with pleasure, however, here only three days were included in our plan. Now Gdansk was waiting for us.





Playing dog in Saxon Garten

 Dancing with torches  in Warsow Old town

Dexter swims in the Vistula