Had a few years ago someone told me, I would specify "dancing" as a hobby of mine, I would have laughed out loud. Until that I had always refused me even to enter a dance school, although my wife would occasionally attend a dance class with me.

Then we at a Christmas party met a couple who practiced dancing as a common hobby and when I saw the enthusiasm of my wife, I knew that I had to do do it and booked a dance class. Every beginning is difficult and at first we didn't like the Standard and Latin dances much. But the Discofox more. This is true today, even though we have now improved our attention with the "normal" dances. And I must say that I no longer dance only because of my wife, but I enjoy it myself today. And there are good arguments for dancing: to move, to do something for my coordination and the training of  body and memory. In addition, you get to know nice people, who have the same hobby.

After moving to Wildenrath mid-2010 we first visited a dance school in Dremmen but we switched from there to dance school Theißen in Geilenkirchen, where we are usually twice a week. Once at the course evening and often we go to Exercises parties too.

Since October 2011, we are a member of the Boogie Woogie Club Tigerfeet. Here we are members of the Discofox-course by Marcel Mock, who is engaged and supported by Annette Weber he is always trying to teach his "Alzheimer's course" not their latest freestyle, but always interesting new dance-figures, which sometimes let us get to know the limits on our physical performance. As perfect as the two couples in the video, recorded at a tournament of the Aachen clubs Aquisgrana on 11.2.2012, we are not yet, but yes you have to set goals.

From March 2012 to July 2013, we ranked at the Tigerfeet also a Boogie Woogie course at Silke Fleschen & Antonio Molina. We had a lot of fun and we were able to achieve some progress, such as the video that has made a friend at Tiger Feet Fete 2013 is documenting. Ultimately, however, we had to decide against one course so that we concentrate on since then at Discofox and Standard / Latin.