City Tour East 2014

In 2007, with the destinations Budapest , Balaton and Prague we had first met areas that were previously hidden behind the Iron Curtain. The German East and Poland but was unknown to us until 2014..

Dresden as a destination haunted for a long time in our minds. When we targeted this specific aim, we thought of the tour to Passau , Budapest , Balaton , Vienna and Prague in 2007 we had loved. And witha look on the map the targets Warsaw and Gdansk was added almost automatically. Because of the dog, but also for our own benefits , we planned a few days on the East coast of the Baltic Sea . Finally the choice fell to Rostock and surroundings . And Magdeburg was somehow in the middle of the route Rostock - Wildenrath. The medieval town of Tangermünde was a chance discovery in the course of the journey Rostock - Magdeburg.



Overall we enjoyed the ride. The start was rough, on the first day or shortly before arriving in Dresden our dog showed diarrhea symptoms. Fortunately for us, a few meters from our hotel Prinz Eugen was the veterinary clinic of Dr. Stolzenberg, the expertly furnished Dexter and even offered to supervise the dog in their practice, if we wanted to visit the city. From this offer but we did not use, since Dexter's condition improved rapidly. We could not go to the opera with Dexter, but in tram, bus or boat , there were no restrictions on dog owners.

In Warsaw, our car was towed because we had not perceived the prohibition sign in pouring , torrential rain and thought that if twenty other cars parked there parking would probably be okay. An expensive experience, but drew a beautiful experience itself, as a good looking and helpful Polish student offered to help me fight the bureaucracy who wanted to communicate with me only in Polish. Without the help of this young lady it woud have been much more difficult to get my car back. Finally Warsaw was with all its sights and especially in the evening enchanting old town a wonderful experience.

About Gdańsk we don't have to talk much, here we only had the bad luck that on the day of our departure the Dominican market started. Here a timely look in the events calendar of Gdańsk would have been helpful. More hit me that we missed the Hanse Sail 2014 by a week. We would have been able to admire the old sailing ships just passig our bungalow, we learned taking a look in the newspaper back home.