England 2009

We leave Watzerath on 2009/10/07 early in the morning. With our Vito we need little more than four hours to reach Coquelles (France, Chunnel).
From here a car train takes us comfortably to Folkstone (near Dover).
FolkstoneMillomThen we have to go on with our Vito driving towards Lake District. That means a lot of traffic, left-hand traffic, and many, many safety cameras. Our navigation device has lane assistance and speed warner so driving on britsh highways is no problem.
It's already getting dark, when we finally reach the small village "The Hill" near Millom. And there we have a problem: the lane to the house of our friends Harry & Sally becomes sometimes quite narrow, so that I need to fold the outside mirrors.
The next day we spend in and around "The Rockery", so Harry & Sally call their home. The other days of the week our hosts organize excursions with us to different places of the Lake District - in spite of 2003 this year the weather is rather british.


CornwallOn 2009/18/07 we early in the morning say good bye to Harry & Sally and go to Cornwall, to "Mill Cottage No. 2" in Treesmill, where we stay for one week. Our navigation device finds the way to our cottage without any problems, but for the last miles it leeds us upon very narrow ways. Starting at  "Mill Cottage No. 2" we do some excursions mainly to the northern coasts. Our first target is "Land's End".