Rostock 2014

Photographs from Rostock and its surroundings

On the 7/26/2014 we started at 9.00H in Gdansk and arrived because of some traffic jam late at 18 o'clock in Rostock where we for some days had rented a bungalow near the Warnow. Our dog liked this: a lot of place round the bungalow and water in a few metres distance. However, even better Dexter liked it on the dog beach a few kilometres away at the Wilhelmhöhe (in the west of Warnemünde).

Also the city of Rostock was worth a visit. Beside the churches (Marien's church, Peter's church, Nikolaichurch), the city hall, stone gate and state house earn attention and also the town harbour repays a visit.

Indeed, one may not compare Rostock to Dresden, Warsaw or Gdansk. But here we enjoyed five days with the opportunity to the relaxation with beach and deck chair.