Going back from Aigues Mortes to Frontignan

Going back from Aigues Mortes to Frontignan

Friday, 11-Sep-2015. We arise early because a) our dog has diarhoea and b) we want to reach Frontignan before 16 o'clock when the lift bridge arises. But anyway I have to bike to the supermarket in order to buy some rice for the dog.

It's about 10 o'clock when we finally start and we accelerate. At first anything is fine and we are progress well. Then before we reach Carnon an unforeseen accurance: a car and two gesticulating men on the left bank and in the canal before us a anchored sailing yacht. One of the men tells as, that his sailing yacht has engine trouble, therefore he phoned his son to tow away the boat with his car. So we take the man with our boat from the bank to his yacht and move the sailing boat to the bank where the son takes the rope my wife throws to him. But we are in a hurry so we can't watch the towing action.

In the end we reach Frontignan before 16 o'clock, pass the bridge and stay in the harbour there over night.

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