Morocco 2017 - Club Sangho

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - our round trip week ends and the relaxation week starts

In the morning we visit a jewelry manufactory and a leather goods manufactory. Finally we reach the clubhotel Sangho Privilege Marrakech where we stay one more week. The first impresions are positive. In the main building there are the reception, some reataurant and bars and other event rooms. The appartements are in connected bungalows, which include a spacious garden and pool area. We start the relaxation week with a rich and delicious lunch buffetThe temperatures have already reached 32 ° C.

In the second pavilion on the left we find our appartement. The hotel is about 20 years old, but the appartement is spacious and clean. The cleaning women enjoys the daily tip, so she does'nt only clean the appartement but she arranges our pajamas to butterflies i.a..

In front of our pavilion a mother cat looks after her kittens.

At 33°C in the shade we like to be at or in the pool. A group of entertainers offers water aerobicsbelly dance, salsa, yoga or ball games i.a.. When lying at the pool get's boring, you can walk through the large and neat hotel garden area.

The evenings are often like this: dinner, then sitting in groups on the terrace or going into the bar for a dance. In the first hour music is provided by a pianist, who enjoys us dancing to his music and so animating other couples for a dance. When the pianist finishes, it's disco time.

In front of the entrance of the hotel is a camp of unionized workers, who protest intolerable working conditions in clubhotel Sangho. I cannot proof the accusations, but I find it remarkable, that such protest is possible in the kingdom of Morroco.