Morocco 2017

In spring 2016 we for the first time book a trip from the organizer RSD . It's a trip to Turkey and the journey goes to our full satisfaction (you will find this travel report on this homepage ), but in view of the political conditions there a second trip to Turkey is out of the question.

This year's holiday destination Morocco is not a democracy, but a monarchy in which the parliament has little influence, but trips to Morocco are currently relatively safe and only little more expensive as trips to Turkey.

Marrakesch Fes


Our Moroccan tour guide Mohammed speaks German satisfactorily has considerable knowledge. But he distributes his knowledge very cumbersome and dry, without personal attention and anecdotes. So I much more appreciated the Turkish trave guide (a woman) last year.

As in Turkey we visit three manufactories: carpets, leather and jewelry. And the procedure in Morocco is very similar to that in Turkey. There is no obligation to buy, but if you want to, do not be shy haggling with the traders, they expect that.

As in Turkey, the hotels are also consistently good in Morocco, but the availability of Wlan is often restricted. The chlorinated water should only be used for showering. You should use mineral water for brushing your teeth.

Because we do not always keep this in mind, we two and some other members of our travel group get ill and can't take part in an excursion to Essaouira.

We'll spend the final week of our journey in Clubhotel Sangho Privilege Marrakech. This hotel is about twenty years old and the rooms and furnitures look a little bit like this, yet the advantages outweigh the disadvantages: spacious rooms in nice pavilions,  a very nice leisure area with pool and friendly entertainers, very good food in the evening an entertainment program with dance and music.The green areas are also very well maintained

With a dinner starts the Moroccan Evening, celebrated to our farewell. All the employees perform their duties in traditional robes. After dinner we are invited to the largest hall where we are going to have a two-hour show (Music- and Dance-Performances by our custom entertainers and local artists).