Turkey & Rhodes 2016

When we in autumn 2015 read the avertisement of  RSD  in our newspaper, we are surprised, that such a journey can be offered for so little money. In the beginning we are skeptical but interested and so we search in the web for comments. In the German newspaper FAZ we find a travel review, considering exactly this offer from RSD. The result of this review is, that you can't go wrong with that offer, because the organization of this travel is well and the travel guides are well trained. The author critizises, that you have to buy additional services as catering and entrance fees, because you have hardly opportunities to look for restaurants yourself. Also the author informs us about the mandatory visits of carpet-, jewelry and leather manufactories. These visits are interesting, but their purpose is to sell you something. But no one will force you for sale. After reading this review we book this trip by phone. Though the cost of the additional services will multiply the original price, it's still a very good offer.

It is worrying that the political leaders of Turkey are flaring up the conflict with the Kurds for internal political reasons, but nevertheless we start this trip and we enjoy it.


Our Turkish travel guide Serap proves to be a jewel with good knowledges of the German language and the excarvations we are going to, but also she enjoys to tell us about the life in Turkey today. First of all Serap is authentic and is very responsive to our travel group. Our bus driver Mehmet takes us safely along the Aegean coast and also through the mountains towards Pamukkale. But he does not accompany us to Rhodes - the Greek bus drivers also want to earn some money.

Of course we visit the manufactories mentioned above aund it is very interesting, that they show us the art of carpet weaving.  The carpet manufactories create jobs for countrywomen and help to improve their social position. It takes many many hours of work to weave a carpet und so one carpet costs a lot of money. If you need a carpet - the quality is very good and the prices are attractive. But never let someone persuade you into buying a carpet you don't really want.

The different hotels we stay in during our tour are all very well, the best of all however is the Amara Sealight Elite, where we stay during our  extra week.