Dance into May 2015


The dance school Theißen, Geilenkirchen, had asked to dance into May and 40 couples had accepted the invitation. They were received from 19:30 of owner Michael Theißen at the entrance with a glass Maibowle and got their tables assigned.

The event was similar to normal dance-exercise-parties,  there was much opportunity to dance. However, one was served today, that meant, the drinks and the entrees were brought to the table.

After a few starting dances the buffet was opend, table by table following a previously picked at random order. This was, as usual, delicious and plentiful (which was true both for the selection and for the amount), so that probably everyonewas satisfied.

After the buffet there was no time do fight the calories by dancing, because various groups of the dance school presented there performances. The start made the youngest with a hip-hop performance that was rewarded with great applause so that they had to give an encore. But they did so gladly.

After Hip Hop the Zumba group started with some exercises quite quickly presented and then animated the audience to join in, which was gladly accepted by many guests. The Zumba group was greeted with much applause.

At last Frank (dance teacher) gave a entertaining introductory lesson in a square dance variant called "Madison". A large number of guests participated with obvious fun.

The rest of the evening then proceeded as a normal dance-exercise-party with Michael as a DJ. His Discofox-Medley (almost 10 min. long) brought the dancers not only physically sweat, you had to enable many more figures again as usual.

Against 1:00 the event was coming to an end

I think Michael and his wife, as well as volunteers from the dance school team have earned for the organization and conduct high praise. We felt at any rate well entertained.

Bert Fell