Dusseldorf - Izmir - Kusadasi

28.02.2016 Getting There

Early in the morning we leave home at 5:30 am and arrive at Dusseldorf International Airport up to 6:20 am. We park our car in the parking lot P24 and with temperatures around freezing point we  have to wait for 10minutes for the next shuttle. At 6:45 am we find the check-in desk of our Turkish airline Freebird, but it remains closed till 7:00 am. The request for being at least two hours before departure at the check-in-desk obviously means to come exactly two hours before departure to the check-in-desk. But in the meantime you have the chance to make new contacts, what's also nice.

The check-in goes quickly, the weighing machine here is more generous then the one at home (the carry-on baggage is not weighed ) and the flight with the A320 is going according to plan. The check-out at Izmir Airport, where our plane lands after a three hours flight, goes quickly and after a short time we find our bus and meet our Turkish travel guide Serap and the other tour participants.

Serap gives us first informations and presents us our bus driver Mehmet, then we drive from Izmir to Kusadasi, where we stay at the Le Bleu hotel for two nights. The ride takes little over one hour.  Until the start of the evening buffet at 6:30 pm we have some time to settle in.  Inter alia we have to change the time (1h ahead), but with our radio-controlled clocks we get into trouble. The Le Bleu offers free WI FI and so we succeed  in findig a guide for the casio clock, but for the Meister Anker clock we don't find any manual.

The Le Bleu is generous and comfortably furnished, the rooms are relatively large, clean and functional and in these first two days we can't complain about breakfast, dinner or service. Even less about the seaview and the location right on the beach.