Morocco 2017 - From Marrakech via Beni Mellal and Ifrane to Fès

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - from Marrakech via Beni Mellal and Ifrane to Fès

Before our arrival in Morocco yesterday it has been raining intensively for a week, so the landscape is green and flowering. The temperature is currently 22°C and is to rise within a week to 32 degrees.
Today we have the longest stage of our round trip on the agenda. It covers about 500km and takes us from Marrakech via Beni Mellal and Ifrane through the mountains of the Middle Atlas to Fès.

At noon we reach the provincial town of Beni Mellal, where we visit the Jardin Ain Asserdun outside of the town. Above the park there is the fortress Kasbah Bel Koush (also called  Kasbah Ras el-Ain or Kasbah Ain Asserdoun).

Between Beni Mellal and Ifrane we pass the Barrage El-Hansali, one of the first catchment lakes of Morocco.

At 6 o'clock p.m. we reach the winter sports resort Ifrane (1700m). It's sunny weather, but we find a lot of snow there in town. We are also so surprized to see many brooding storks.

We have only half an hour to discover the town. We notice that many houses are outside the winter season uninhabited. Most visitors are Moroccans from the surrounding area, who make a weekend trip into the snow.

at 8 o'clock p.m. we reach our hotel near FèsGegen 20:00h erreichen wir unser Hotel in der Nähe von Fès.