With football I came relatively late in touch when I with 13 years moved of elementary school Süchteln-Sittard ( sport here happened only once a year on the occasion of National Youth Games) to Pius High School in Aachen. The visit of the high school was associated with life in the boarding house Haus Eich and since one could leave the boarding rare (at least in the lower grades), sports activities for recreation were indispensable and belonged in a boys boarding  also football. In the B and A youth and later while studying occasionally in seniors I played for PSV Aachen.

After graduation I played then and there in the teacher team and founded a Soccer-AG at school. With the football club I was forced back into contact when my wife filed for our son at the age of 5 years for SC Viktoria 04 Rheydt e.V. Here I played a few years (until 2 cruciate ligaments) in the old boys, worked as a coach with the team of my son. Also, I edited a long time the club newspaper and the first home of the club and had also held the post of cashier in both departments initially in the main club, then at youth and at times simultaneously.

Later, football meant to drive to football games of the clubs  our son played. The most interesting part this was for 5 years in Wegberg-Beeck (Oberliga, Landes- and Verbandsliga). Unfortunately, I did not start to shoot photos of the games until after the purchase of a digital camera.

Since 2011 our son plays, because we moved in 2010 to Wildenrath, for the SV Helpenstein, where I act as website-admin.

As for the professional football world, my weekend is saved when Borussia MG wins.