Dexter (Golden Retriever male)

After Teddy's death, we took a little longer to opt for a successor. But on 07/25/2013 it happened: we Dexter got from the Bergerhof, a 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy in Vlodrop at its breeder.

name: Dream Team's Dexter vom Bergerhof

breed: Golden Retreiver

sex: male

color: golden

thrown on: 27/03/2013

awarded on: 07/25/2013

breeder: Cornelia Grabe

Dexter felt from the first day well with us. It learns very quickly and is very obedient, but it is also insistent in asserting its interests (and pats game). It can even deal alone, but with us it makes just more fun. Dexter feels comfortable in any environment, which gives  lots of exercise and plenty of water to it. We can offer it at our residence and so it  also was during our first joint summer vacation (Elbe, Vistula and the Baltic Sea it was getting to know).