Allgau 2012

In summer 1966 I as a sixteen year old pupil met the  Tobelmill for the first time. A friendly family had found this particular jewel, which at that time was in need of renovation, in the Allgau and decided to leave the Lower Rhine region and to buy the Tobelmill and convert it to a small guesthouse. One more family, my father and I so spent in 1966 a kind of work-holiday there, because the Tobelmill had to be renovated. Unfortunately the friendly family was not successful with the guesthouse, a fire destroyed parts of the Toblemill and they had to sell the guesthouse again.

In spring 2012 one of the sons of this family contacted me, we met each other and on this occasion I heard, that Doris, one of his sisters, and her husband in the meantime had bought the Toblemill and they were not only creating living room for themselves and their two daughters, but also for tourists. The first two holiday-apartments were already finished. So I got the idea to do a trip into the past.

I contacted my sister and her husband and shortly after we phoned Doris Rasthofer, the owner of the Toblemill, and booked two apartments for the last two weeks of July 2012. During our stay the weather was very changeable, but we had a good time and could revive some memories.