Cooling down in the Verdon

Provence vacation 1993

Among mountain goats

Provence vacation 1995

Astor is too hot

Provence vacation 1997

Sailing around Texel

Yachtmaster Coastal 1995

Harbour of Victoria (Mahé)

Seychelles vacation 1997

Arrived at Enkhuizen

sailing trip LK EW 1982 (Abi 83)

De Tijd sal't leeren

girl's ship 10b 1986 (Abi 89)

Having a rest on deck

sailing trip 10b 1995 (Abi 98)

Having a break in Pompeji

study trip to Rom 1997

The Madwoman of Chaillot

school theater 1980

The Liar

school theater 1983

Jesus Christ Superstar

school theater 2005

Snow-Wide reloaded

school theater 2007

The visit

school theater 2009

Abi 68 turns 40

and celebrates this near Monschau

Mathematics / computer science

The trigger was a sick student who missed several weeks of classes because of hospitalization and asked me to provide her with educational material. Since she had internet access,

I wrote scripts for the former topic  "Fraction Equations" and tested them in the classroom too (then end class 8). The student came to her release and immediately wrote the exam very successfully with ( it was a very good student).

Then I used such scripts also with other similar topics. Some of them can be found here: fraction unequations, root equations, Bi-quadratic equations and polynomial division.

In computer science senior classes is programmed primarily in Java. Some projects, especially the initial lessons I present at this point.

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